#BLACKBUSINESS: Black People You Should Pay

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By: Steven Underwood

Everyone talks about supporting Black Businesses until it is actually time to pay for the things from a Black person: especially for fashion. In the past, location was the issue, but in a digital age like the one we live in now, it’s hypocritical to pretend we can’t. That’s why over time as a professional windowshopper and a certified citizen of Black Twitter, I have compiled a list of places and people who you need to run the check to:

Mufaro limited


Found How? Word of Mouth

Mufaro Ltd. is a new high end streetwear line imagined by Zimbabwean born Joy Mufaro Matose — who is currently based in Cincinnati, Ohio USA. With its distinctive African influence; Mufaro aims to coin the phrase and hashtag #AfricanStreetwear and make his mark in the main fashion market.


My Pride Apparel


Found How? Black Twitter

My Pride Apparel is a lifestyle apparel brand for today’s socially conscious black women who want to make statements with their clothing. We encourage you to look through a vast selection of products to find a shirt that showcases your pride in being a black woman.

Menogu Designs

img_2960Found How? Blavity

MENOGU DESIGNS is an African Inspired Apparel brand seeking to infuse culture and style in ready to wear clothing by using African prints and textiles to design one of a kind garments. Menogu Designs is a lifestyle brand, bringing Africa to the forefront of fashion and taking inspirations from the Designer’s native roots, then using them to design garments that represent strength and pride.

The Founder and Designer is Uchechi Emenogu. She was born in Nigeria, but currently resides in the greater Los Angeles area.  The name “Menogu” is derived from her last name “Emenogu,” which means “Acting in good faith;” a phrase that will continue to follow her throughout her career.

Young, ambitious & talented, her passion for native textiles and “catchy” fabrics with abstract detail clearly sets her apart from many designers today.



Found How? Blavity

Kubitees was conceptualized in late 2013 by young entrepreneur and creativity enthusiast, Kubrat Salaam. Originally geared towards providing inexpensive graphic tees for men and women, the vision for Kubitees drastically changed into a vision aimed at bridging cultural divides in clothing, providing unique fashion pieces to fashion-forward individuals, and employing independent artisans in underdeveloped areas. Kubitees now offers everything from apparel and accessories, to home decor, greeting cards and custom orders.

Extra Flee

img_2957Found How? Black Twitter

“Have you ever said to yourself “That would look great on a hat/shirt!” ? Well yeah… that’s pretty much what extraflee is all about. All the cool stuff that you wish you could have at your finger tips.”

Clouded Vision Apparel

Found How? Instagram

Founded in 2015, Clouded Vision Apparel is an online vintage fashion boutique. CVA is designed for the chic woman who prefers vintage over high end. A CVA woman has a sense of fashion which is very versatile and she thinks of her clothing as ART. Clouded Vision Apparel ships everywhere in the United States starting at $3.95. All orders ship within 3-5 business days.

See anything you like? Comment below!

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