Voicemails to Heaven.


Hey Dad, it’s me,

I hope you see

I’m really doing fine.

School is hard,

But I can make it far

as long as you look over me.


I do my best,

puff out my chest,

but I still hear your voice.

Sometimes it’s tough

Life gets so rough,

I just want you back.


You taught me how to swim up stream

How to stand, be seen

and to always love myself

and I don’t know if you heard:

but I do all so very well.


Make sure you visit your daughters,

You know we love them the best


Visit Danine’s Dreams,

Her potential will be unmatched


And they say I look like my father,

and I wish it was true.

God must’ve always knew

I would need you.


I pray every day,

From June through May

even if you can’t hear me.


I just want you to know,

I love you so,

even if the words can’t be.


I promised I’d try, every day

so I can’t delay,

but please forgive me…

I just couldn’t see

you not in your face.




Some days I wake and

cry free the waters,

because I know you won’t be

there to see me make you proud

and do so much for me.


Please know I’m real,

You know I can’t conceal

all the Truths in my face.


I’m sorry I couldn’t see your grave.

Betrayal at your side

I know you could hear at your bed

The moment I saw your eyes,

I knew you’d fight all your might,

but I couldn’t put you through

all the pain and bite

just so in case,

I could see your face.


The Guilt may take my soul,

but I’ll pay it whole.


Every price must be met.


As far as it’s me,

We’ll see,

The world will spin on more.

Just sweeten my sisters,

Your shadows must see,

Your glow in the eyes of

their loved men worthy.


Daddy, I love you so,

but I have to go

so receive these words as they stay.


And as I leave this phone,

And the agony dies

Just know,

I’ve learned how not to cry.

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